Why you should live abroad (at least once)

Everyone's got that friend that suddenly decided home was not enough for its dreams, packed all his stuff and moved somewhere else - looking for a job, a university or a new life. It's such a huge step that many are afraid to take it, especially when you don't have that much money to invest in it! But here I want to give you some reasons why moving in another country is something you should try... at least for a while.

1. You learn to take care of yourself

You're all alone. Your family and friends are most likely back in your home country, and for the first time you really can only count on yourself. It's a great chance to learn want you really need, what you want and how to achieve it! Don't be scared of making mistakes: everyone does. If you never try, you'll never find out how to actually live with yourself - and remeber, that's the only person you'll for sure live with for your whole life.

2. You see things from a new point of view

That may be something you've heard loads of time by now, but it's actually true: travelling opens your mind, and living abroad makes this happen even more! Staying in a different place for a long time and experiencing daily life (and problems) in another environment makes you reconsider your behaviour, and helps you finding new solutions.

3. You get to meet new people

... people you would've probably never met if you stayed home. Living with locals is always a unique experience, as you get to know different cultures, food, ideas and traditions. This may sometimes be scary - it's a huge step outside of your comfort zone - but immersing yourself in other habits can make you find out differences between one another are not, in the end, as huge as they seem to be. 

4. You have the chance of learning (and practising) a new language

Unless you are a language master, it's highly probable that you'll end up living in a place where your mother tongue is not that used. Great opportunity to learn a whole new language! People who are able to speak many different languages are much valued today, and living in a foreign community is the best (and fastest) way to learn.

5. You may even find a job!

Whether this is your main aim or not, you never know what you're going to find abroad: maybe some hobby of yours can turn into a job, or you could teach your own language, or cook typical food from your home town. I once heard of a girl that became a model for a toothpaste advertisement after one of the producers saw her in a bar in Leeds! Anything could happen.

6. You get to explore a new country

New home, new basis for your journeys! Especially if you are moving somewhere far from your country of origin, you'll get to pay much less for trips in the surroundings. You may even find cheaper ways of going around - for example, in Italy travelling by bus is not really common and often not an available option, while in Latvia it can take you anywhere. 

What do you think about it? Have you ever lived abroad in your life? Did it last? Let me know in the comments!

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