10 Amazing Things To Do And See In Stockholm

The capital of Sweden holds a strong appeal on people all over the world - or at least on all the Erasmus student I know in Riga. Thinking about Stockholm, one's mind goes immediately to concepts such as innovation, design, environmentally friendly stuff... and that's something you actually find when you get there for real. But there's much more to this beautiful city spread over 14 islands, a fact that made Stockholm gain the nickname "Venice of the North". There's history, there's the royal family (because yes, in case you didn't know, Sweden is a monarchy!), there are stunning landscapes, and of course there are eccentric caf├ęs and bars where experimenting is a must.
So, if you manage to finally land in Swedish territory - by boat, by plane, by bus - here are some 10 things you can't miss in Stockholm!

1. Have a look around with local guides

There are loads of different ways to explore the city, for everyone's taste and pockets. From the free city tours offered by local students or volunteers to bike tours, rooftops explorations and foodie excursions, you won't be disappointed!

2. Stop by the Royal Palace

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Sweden is officially a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, which means that the head of State is still the King. Nowadays, the Royal Family doesn't live in Stockholm Palace anymore, but the place - originally built in the 13th century and reconstructed during the 18th - is still the location of the offices of the Royal Court of Sweden, and some parts of it are open to the public.

3. Picnic in Skinnarviksberget

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Skinnarviksberget is a hill located in the central part of Stockholm, and it's a favourite spot for locals to picnic and party with a view on the city - and you can see it all! Also perfect for a romantic sunset moment.

4. Get lost in the Old Town's cobbled streets

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Stockholm's Old Town, situated in Gamla Stan island, is a small medieval jewel - one of the largest and best preserved centers of the time in Europe. Just leave behind your map and explore it by yourself; it's small enough not to get lost, but at the same time big enough to spend a few hours in another age.

5. Peek inside the Swedish Academy

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The Swedish Academy is one of the (many) Royal Academies of Sweden, and it's known all over the world for being in charge of awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature every year. It's situated in the same building of the Nobel Museum, facing Stockholm's main square, and it's definitely worth a visit - check if your country ever received a Nobel Prize!

6. Have a fika

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"Fika" is an untranslatable concept of Swedish culture that refers to the act of "having coffe, possibly with an enormous cinnamon roll" (my personal interpretation of the term). More generally, it means having a break from your job, or whatever activity you're involved in, and just take a moment to relax. A tradition we are more than happy to pursue!

7. Go shopping in Norrmalm

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Situated north of the Old Town, Norrmalm is the central and most modern district of Stockhom, a modern hub for tourists and business where you can find the best and newest shops of the city - including both common European brands and local designers.

8. Take a picture at the Town Hall

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Known as "the most photographed spot in Stockholm", the Town Hall offers an amazing view on Gamla Stan from the other side of a large canal and it's the perfect spot for an epic picture. Being such a breathtaking place, it's also very popular for marriages, and you'll probably find yourself in between couples taking their wedding pictures.

9. Have a throwback to the 70s with the ABBA Museum

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ABBA was - and it is still - the most popular Swedish band ever existed, famous for hit songs such as "Dancing Queen", "The Winner Takes It All" and "Mamma mia" (guess what? Meryl Streep's movie has its whole soundtrack composed of ABBA's songs). The interactive exhibition dedicated to the band opened in 2013 and can't be missed by fans - it includes original costumes and instruments.

10. Try a mixed drink

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Latest trend in Stockholm's nightlife is "mixology", the craft of mixing strange and unlikely ingredients in order to create the best and most absurd combinations ever imagined. An example? There may be a hint of bacon in that glass you're naively sipping...

These are some of my must-dos in Stockholm. What about you? Have you ever visited the city? Any other activities you think are not to miss? Let me know what you think about it!

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