Visiting Santa Claus

New day, new stop! Just before finally arriving in Saariselkä, we made our last on-the-go pause in Rovaniemi. Sounds familiar?
Situated precisely on the Artic Circle, Rovaniemi is home to the most beloved man of every child in the world: Santa Claus!
I remember, as a child, that every year, at the beginning of December, me and my brother started a rather fun research in my grandmother's cellar, looking for that specific Mickey Mouse magazine which contained Santa Claus' true and only address. I can still recall it was somewhere in Finland, in Lapland, in a place my mother told me was too cold for human beings... and now, well, here I am!
Santa's Post Office
Rovaniemi itself is, to tell the truth, a plain and normal town, one of the biggest you can find this north in Finland; Santa Claus' village is situated just a few minutes further north.
Santa's house
It is a small world composed of a Santa Hotel, lots of souvenir shops, restaurants and bars and, of course, Santa's office and Santa's post office, where you can send postcards with a Christmas-y stamp or write your letter to Santa Claus.
Snack spot
Sadly, due to the short amount of time and the long, super long queue (even in the middle of March!), we didn't have the chance to meet the adorable Joulupukki (Finnish name of our friend Santa), who's hidden in the middle of his house, waiting for you to have a picture taken together.
Santa's here!
Christmas elves
But we were so lucky to find his reindeers instead! They are beautiful animals, much smaller than I expected them to be. Reindeer safaris are one of the few activities still organised by Saami people, who mostly migrated to the south of Finland to find a full-time job and abandoned their traditions.
Sleigh pulled by a reindeer
Santa's reindeer
Now we're on our final way to the cottages in Saariselkä. See you soon!

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