Opera night

Again, this has been an idea of my amazing friends and fellow Italian Erasmus students. They are all super passionate about theatre in general, and opera in particular; but for us poor students, in our home country is not that easy to get to see such performances, since tickets are almost more expensive than a law book - and I can assure you that's a lot. So when they found out in Riga tickets are sold at only 6 euros each, well... they bought places for the entire season! And yesterday they invited me and my German flatmate, Christine, to see the ballet "Anna Karenina" by Tchaikovsky (I admit I had to look up the exact spelling of his name... Russian lessons are having no effect on me yet).
Opera ticket
I also got a ticket holder. 
Short premise: I have no experience of ballet, nor of national opera houses frequented by fancy people of all ages.
Latvian National Opera House
Latvijas Nacionālā Opera by day.
Nevertheless, I found myself enjoying the night! I can't say ballet is my favourite kind of entertainment - I'm definitely for modern plays - but I loved the location (velvet everywhere), the dresses of the dancers (the effect of silver dresses under the spotlights was beyond description), the scenography.
The only aspect I didn't appreciate? The ending. Russian novels are totally not my thing.

If you ever have the chance, go and spend some of your money in a theatre! I can assure you it's worth it, if only to enjoy the feeling of being in another century. 

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