On the way to Lapland

I left yesterday morning for a great adventure: one full week in Lapland! Home of reindeers, soft white snow you only see in postcards, Santa Claus, huskies and aurora borealis, not necessarily I this order.
For the first time in my life, I’m travelling with a tour operator, “Timetravels Ltd.”. This because their pre-packaged experience travel, however expensive (I think this is possibly my second-ever most expensive trip, after that time I went to England all by myself for two weeks), was still the best option available and allows me to enjoy the travel with other 70 Erasmus people from all over Latvia!

We left early yesterday morning and spent the whole day (and night) on bus: it takes about 20 hours to get from Riga to Saariselkä, our destination in Finland Рand this without counting in the compulsory breaks for the driver and the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki!
Riga is not even shown in this picture - too far!
After the not-so-memorable experience of crossing the Gulf of Finland with a storm going on (luckily I don't suffer from seasickness, so for me it was actually slightly fun), and sleeping only three hours, today we finally made our first stop - Kemi.
Finnish dawn
The dawn from an oil station
Situated in the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia, not far from the border with Sweden, Kemi is famous for being the home of the largest snow castle - reconstructed every year with a different leading theme - and for an hotel (the Seaside Glass Villa) which offers cubicles with a view on the frozen Bay of Bothnia.
Kemi snow castle
This year's theme is the centenary of Finland
Kemi Snow Castle
Seaside glass villas

Bay of Bothnia
This is the Bay of Bothnia. You can walk on it!
I actually didn't fully enjoy myself because I was freezing and couldn't feel my feet anymore: the temperature was an astonishing -20°C!
Find the blue line
After one hour and a half, we got up the bus again and left for new adventures. Stay tuned!

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