Erasmus +: 30 years of travelling chances, 5 months of opportunities

From 1987 to 2017: this year the ERASMUS programme celebrates 30 years of life. In the meantime, it grew, it expanded, it changed name (now it's ERASMUS +, including programmes not only about education, but also sports, training, youth)... and it became the target of every European student with the love for travelling. Myself included.

This programme is the main reason why I decided to start writing this blog: I applied more than one year ago, filling dozens of pages and rewriting motivations, not completely sure of what I was doing and carefully calculating if I could actually afford such a big move. And now, here I am! Italian Political Science student, one month into my semester in Riga, Latvia - and just back from a week in Lapland. Never in my dreams I would have placed myself here, trying to learn Russian, running into the Arctic Ocean, eating in Uzbek restaurants... and with much yet to come. 
What's waiting for me in this breathtaking, never-resting experience? We'll see!

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