Alpaca farm trip

No more than a couple of weeks ago, me and my (crazy) friends decided to join the first ESN trip of the semester. Erasmus Student Network is an organisation present pretty much in every country taking part in the Erasmus + project, and they are mostly known – in Riga at least – for organising original parties (just to say, there’s a two-day-long party on a boat taking place at the end of this month) and weekends spent going around the neighbourhood countries. This time it was Estonia’s turn – but on our way to Tallinn we made a very unusual stop…
 Because yes, of course, in Estonia you can find everything. Even Peruvian Alpacas!
Small alpacas
They are cute. Admit it.
We had a 90-minute-long visit to KannĂ¼ Alpaca Farm, which prides itself on being the biggest Alpaca farm of the country. In the middle of the countryside, with nothing around except for acres of fields, we found ourselves surrounded by about twenty Alpacas of all colours and sizes, eagerly looking at the carrots the owner gave each of us to feed them.
Black and white alpacas
No chance of getting them to look straight at me, though
They were really soft (we were told their wool is quite expensive because it’s far softer than sheep’s) and definitely not scared of humans. One of my friends in the end was alone in the middle of a circle of alpacas trying to get his last carrot, it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!
White alpaca
(In case you were wondering, later the owners told us they are sort of halfway between camels and llamas. Yup.)

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