A day in Tallinn

It was about two hours after leaving our camelid friends that, half-asleep in the coach, we finally reached Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
Tallinn view
We were welcomed by some members of the local ESN section, who gave us a fun tour around the city. I must say I wasn’t expecting it to be this beautiful! From the outside, it looks like many other capitals around Europe: grey and tall palaces, wide roads full of cars… but the inside, oh, the inside! As soon as we entered the old medieval gates, we found ourselves in a place almost completely from another century. Tallinn, we found out, is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, and because of this it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tallinn medieval gates
The streets are mostly narrow, often full of stalls at their side, selling everything from wool mittens (a must during the freezing Estonian winter) to vanilla fudge (yum!).
Medieval style stalls
We were guided through the main square, where the old City Hall is situated, to the high part of the city – since Tallinn is half built on a hill, in perfect medieval keep-the-surroundings-under-control style. That’s also the reason why a lot of Italian medieval cities are built in the highest place in their zone, and the reason why as a child I hated Middle Ages’ tours: it was extremely tiring to get to the top of the hill!
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
But the view was well worth it.
Enjoy the view!
Then we headed down to our hostel (Alur: 100% recommended! Super spacious and clean, cheap, in the middle of the Old Town. Probably one of the best I’ve ever been in) and to have some dinner.
My friends, who had done their homework before leaving, took me to a place called III Drakon. It’s a gem you would never expect to find: a pure medieval tavern in the very heart of the city. And by medieval, I mean: no cutlery, no electric light, terracotta bowls and jugs, a limited number of (amazingly delicious) dishes and scornful innkeepers. It was entertaining, fun, and their reindeer soup left us fully satisfied and ready for the night.

Night that we spent following our guides in a Pub Crawl that left us slightly happier than usual and too tired to wake up the morning after. That's also student life!

It isn’t a city easy to describe, especially because the pictures I took with my poor old phone didn’t manage to capture the magic that place yields. Even though it is not at all a big town, I can assure you it deserves more than a day to be seen the way it deserves to be! So, if you’re planning on visiting, stay for a little longer. It’s worth it.

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