8 Healthy Foods You Need To Bring On A Trip

Tonight I'm leaving again, at the most improbable time (2 am. Crazy, I know - but cheap!) for a 3-capitals, 4-day-long trip around the north of Europe. The fact is, me and my friends want to keep it cheap - but the place we're heading to are exactly the opposite. So what? We're bringing our own food!
The fact is, I'm also trying to keep a diet as healthy as possible - which I assure you, is not easy at all during an Erasmus! You want to try out everything and, especially here il Latvia, food is so cheap and so good... but I'm trying. So, I'll leave you some advice on healthy (and cheap) eating that I'll be testing myself in the next few days.


The classic item you find in every trip, sandwiches can be either your ruin or the key for your success. Mayonnaise should be left out of them; instead, opt for some protein (like tuna, some cheese - not too much though - or turkey slices) and add a bit of salad. I would advise against tomatoes, because they tend to soak the bread. Same for guacamole - plus, it turns uneatable in a very small while when it's outside the fridge. Don't forget to pick black bread instead of the white one! It'll keep you full longer.

Apples, pears, grapes, bananas

Fruit you don't need to peel: this is your best friend. I don't feel right if I don't have my pear at breakfast and my apple in the afternoon - and this are exactly the best fruits you can bring with you. Just wash them under a random fountain and you're done! For shorter trips, you can also slice stuff like pineapple, kiwi, oranges and put them into a box... if you have enough space to carry it, of course. Other valid options are grapes, bananas, peaches, plums.

Dried fruit

It is far easier to carry around than fresh fruit, and I personally enjoy some almonds every now and then. But you need to watch out for quantities, because you'll get addicted to it - and if one cup is fine, one full bowl might not be that healty anymore... (I love it, I ate a full package and I felt like I didn't want to eat anything sweet for one week afterwords. Don't do it at home).

Carrots, fennel and small tomatoes

They are all easy to take with you and super practical to eat on the go. One of my friends in Italy has loads of intolerances and can eat mostly vegetables; these are her favourites when she has to travel. If you prefer them peeled (I talk about carrots here) put them in a box, but be sure to dry them properly before, or they could make mold!

Hummus and/or peanut butter

Protein is always missing when you buy packaged food for trips. Plus, you may not like the taste of plain raw vegetables that much. So, grab some hummus! It's one of my favourite dips ever (I usually make it myself, but sadly in my flat there is no blender so I have to rely on supermarkets), it's healthy and goes perfectly with both carrots and fennel. Moreover, it lasts quite a while outside the fridge. Peanut butter is another delicious treat - great with green apples - but you need to be more careful with it, since it's quite fattening.

Hard Boiled Eggs

This is honestly a last-minute idea. I've never tried to bring eggs with me on a trip before, but they were the only thing left in the fridge and I knew they wouldn't last. So, why not? I'll keep this as an experiment and tell you how it was when I'll come back.

EDIT: eat them within 2-3 days, put them in a plastic box and keep them as fresh as possible. There's no other way to make this work!


Another classic food of travellers. It just never gets old, or useless, and is always there when you have an emergency. You can choose between sticking to the traditional formula or go for an improvement - healthier options with seeds or bran are now common in every supermarket.


You need to treat yourself sometimes - and no morning is a happy morning without a nice biscuit. You can opt for plain ones, chocolate, jam, coconut - just try to avoid cookies, because (sadly) they'll be finished in less than two minutes. And you want to leave some treats for the next mornings, don't you?

All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

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