7 Must-Dos For Cheap Travelling

Being a university student and a girl who loves travelling are not two identities that always get along well. You are often torn between that weekend in Portugal you've been dreaming of for months and paying for some nights out with friends - not to mention bills, rent, books, bus, eating.
I know the struggle very well, because I only have a summer job that doesn't pay much and I practically survive thanks to my uni scholarship. However, in these years I managed to travel a lot even with a super-low budget! Here are some tricks I learnt.

Choose unusual destinations

Paris, London, Berlin... they are all beautiful cities well worth a visit, but cost of living is at its peaks and you'll have a lot of competition in searching for a flight or an accomodation. Instead, head to less popular cities - such as Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Dresden, Norwich - or go straight to countries no one you know has ever visited: you'll be the first in your group of friends discovering their beauty! 

Find your airline company

Since I don't have a driver licence (at least, not yet), I mostly rely on airlines for travelling; and I always, always travel with Ryanair. They offer by far the best service for the best price - and let me carrying two free bags, which is a big advantage! With this company I've been going everywhere from Spain to Latvia without having a single inconvenience, and they leave from an airport just 15 minutes away from my hometown, which is unbelievably perfect. So, find a company that offers good prices in a comfortable location and stick to it - they may even have a fidelity programme taht you won't want to miss! Don't forget to regularly check their special offers, too: you may be able to get to Scotland for just 2 euros (it happened!).
Of course, this applies to trains and buses too - here in the Baltic States bus companies bring you everywhere for just 5 euros. Too bad they don't come through Italy...

Explore hostel options

Especially if you're travelling solo, no accomodation is better than hostels - cheap, relatively safe and often strategically located. However, be sure to check which services are included and customer reviews to avoid bad surprises; breakfast, towels, bed linens and lockers included are a big pro. I usually go for Hostelworld when I'm looking for an accomodation, but if you're really sociable and ready for an adventure, I suggest you try Couchsurfing, a service that lets you sleep on someone's couch for free! I haven't tried it myself, but I once met a Spanish girl who had travelled all over Europe from one sofa to another.

Keep a budget plan

It's difficult to foresee exactly how much money you're going to spend during your trip, but try to be conscious about it. Write down on a notebook what left your wallet and what was it for - it will help you keeping track of the expenses and avoiding spending too much.

Look for free activities

Nothing is better than a free walking tour to get to know a city. They are everywhere - just go to the bigger square and look for a big blue/yellow/orange umbrella or for young guys with brightly coloured T-shirt and a notebook in their hands, and with 90% probability you've found your guides. They will help you find your way through your destination, often telling funny stories and giving useful advice in the meantime. If you're in for something more, make good use of Facebook and press the "Discover" button in the Events side - or type in your location in websites such as Eventbrite or Europe For Free!

Markets are your best friends

One of the main costs when travelling is the food: eating out all day, everyday can quickly lead to an empty wallet! If your trip doesn't last more than three-four days and you don't mind eating sandwiches all the time, you might be able to bring food with you from home; otherwise, head to the local market - and prepare yourself, because those places are heaven. I personally can't resist trying the local cuisine, wherever I go; markets are the right places to do it, without spending a fortune.

Meet the locals

There's no better way of travelling than visiting friends living abroad - or meeting them on the go. Nobody knows the place better than locals, and nobody will make you enjoy your trip more! They know where to go, when to go and what to do. So take your eyes off from your Instagram feed and start talking to those guys at the bar counter!

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